Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sitting where Nowhere is

And in this nowhere there is nothingness and in this nothingness I can be still and when I am still I can die and when I die I get rest. Only to start it again when I wake and move from death to nowhere again.  What I do not do is confuse this with somewhere and something.  I did that once and I thought I was alive.

Monologue is the theme of the day

Everyone is doing it.  Speaking not listening.  Corporations and bankers get it.  Moms and Dads get it.  Your boss understands.  Everyone is about the monologue.  Fuck dialogue.  You can get it too!

It is simple really.  Say lots of stuff.  Listen to nothing.

But do pretend too.  Also claim to be a great listener.

Monologue is like slinky:  it is fun for everyone!

(Oh, notice how I am using me2Uweb version .05)